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Invisible Interzone

Julia Melcher describes the world of these expat American writers in her essay “Invisible Interzone,” in the most recent issue of Critical Muslim.

Tangier: a city of many legends, myths and dreams. A gate between different worlds: real and unreal, seen and unseen, magic and sometimes even tragic. In the middle of the twentieth century, the International Zone of Tangier, located at the Strait of Gibraltar, not only guarded the passage to Europe and the Mediterranean Sea but also embodied a sanctuary for outcasts, for people living on the margins, for adventurers and fugitives from Western societies. Artists, criminals, lost souls and sensation seekers found a home in a city they never really belonged to. 

Barbara's Photos - Google Photos

A collection of my mother's travel photos.

Frances Stonor Saunders · Where on Earth are you? · LRB 3 March 2016

 We construct borders, literally and figuratively, to fortify our sense of who we are; and we cross them in search of who we might become. They are philosophies of space, credibility contests, latitudes of neurosis, signatures to the social contract, soothing containments, scars.

An in depth look at borders, visas, identity migrants and the industry that enforces it all.

Frances Stonor Saunders’s article was delivered at the  LRB Winter Lecture series at the British Museum.

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Excelent Music and Culture Available World Wide.

The controversy surrounding Miles Davis's Jack Johnson Sessions | Music | The Guardian

In depth look at the ground breaking LP from Miles Davis A Tribute to Jack Johnson 1971

One Twenty | Analog Photos in 120 Format

My Holga Blog Site........
Kodak introduced 120 film in 1902 with the release of their Brownie no.2 camera. Few companies manufacture 120 film today, no one knows how long it will remain commercially available, there is little demand for it today.......

Analog photography has become archaic, artists and old people are about the only ones that still hang on to film and analog cameras. I own a Holga (toy camera) and experiment with it when I can. At my local custom lab I can get 12 negatives developed and scanned to CD for about $16.00. The price of an expensive lunch, a little more than a music CD.

Cry Me A River by FugitiveWaves - Hear the world’s sounds

Radio Documentary:

Fugitive Waves: Episode 6: Cry Me a River:A story of three pioneering river activist and the damming of wild rivers in the west. Mark Dubois, co-founder of Friends of the River, Earth Day and International Rivers Network, began as a river guide who opened up rafting trips to disabled people in the 1970's. Dubois protested the damming and flooding of the Stanislaus River by hiding himself in the river canyon and chaining himself to a rock as the water rose.