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I am not one to make recommendations for places that you may or may not enjoy, however my philosophy is walking and wandering the streets will bring unknown treasures to you.

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Tom Sparks

Matisse In Tangier

1 min read

Fenêtre à Tanger, Matisse 1912

Photo by Bernard Moutin 

The photo above was taken by French photographer Bernard Moutin from the sameroom and window that Henri Matisse  occupied when he painted the WIndow at Tangier.

Via: Wikipedia

Window at Tangier by Henri Matisse (1912 - The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow); also referred to as La Fenêtre à Tanger, Paysage vu d'une fenêtre, and Landscape viewed from a window, Tangiers.

An example of Matisse's paintings after the colorful revolution of his Fauvism period. After several trips outside France Matisse became interested in the Islamic art of North Africa. He visited Morocco in 1912 and 1913. Window in Tangier, with its bold color and flat perspective reflects a Moroccan influence in Matisse's work.

This was among several works acquired directly from Matisse in Paris by the Russian collector Ivan Morozov. After the Russian Revolution the Morozov collection was confiscated and eventually by 1948 the collection was donated to the public along with the Sergei Shchukin collection, at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and the Hermitage in St Petersburg.


Tom Sparks

Trees By Warren Ellis and Jason Howard

1 min read

Trees By Warren Ellis is a story of an alien invasion, where the aliens show zero interest in  humans or life on Earth. The aliens have come to earth in huge towering columns, humans call them trees. The humans of earth find this disinterest disturbing.  The aliens do not interact with the inhabitants of earth and people cannot see any effect or impact from the towering columns, it is like we are being ignored. 

There are four or five different stories being told, each at a different spot on earth were the Trees have landed. Sub text cover gender politics, sexuality, politics, global warming and urban crime. Each of these sub plots tie into the appearance of the Trees in some way.  This is a serial so there is still an aura of mystery about the columns, there will not be a resolution of the story till much later when the series has concluded. Recommended reading.