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Tom Sparks

The In-Between Places

Eight o'clock in the morning standing in the cold, waiting for a work associate in-between the busy street and a rough and wild spot, surrounded by poverty and un-developed land. It has a certain quality, not beauty, but a wild attractiveness. {location}

It was cold and wet but it felt good. I thought about the book, Where We Live Now: An Annotated Reader, by Matthew Stadler and its focus on amorphous urban/suburban planning and the spaces in between city and country. This was such a place. Because it is located in a depressed area, where the poor could afford to live, but was not attractive to developers or banks it has kept that wild feeling, there are dwellings nearby but they are run down and the surrounding area is a wasteland neglected and forgotten. Cars speed by on the adjacent road and the passengers never even see what is here. Oh yes I work almost next door.

Take some time explore the in-between places where you will discover a wildness and some kind of beauty.And look for Matthew Stadler's book.