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Small Public Outdoor Spaces

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At the intersection  of Pike, Madision and 15th is a small park  with a concrete ping pong table. Busy traffic moves by and passengers rarely notice the park. This is  McGilvra Place Park.


According to the City of Seattle "McGilvra Place was created in 1901. The small triangle of land is named after John J. McGilvra, whose homesite was on Lake Washington at the end of a road the would became E Madison Street."  The park is a private / public partnership with the Bullet Foundation and the  City of Seattle. Because it sits adjacent the Bullet Center, it should be well maintained over time. 

The trees are century old Plane&nbsp(Sycamores?). The short street on the east side of the park was removed to make the median a little larger and to make a friendlier pedestrian space.

The median strip before renovation:

Photo courtiesy of Berger Architects.

Spots like McGilvra Place help humnaize a busy neighborhood, having old trees on the site give it a gravity and history. There was one man sitting in the park the day I visited (saturday) maybe during the week there is more foot traffic.