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Toke Point by Frank Ching

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Toke Point Marina by Frank Ching

Toke Point by Frank Ching  from his blog post: Wide vs. Close-up Views

Frank Ching is a master illustrator, and a world class adventurer. I happened to be standing near him when he drew this scene of  southwestern Washington, earlier this spring.  His use of line captures the spaces in between things, the spaces are as important as the lines, like the spaces Thelonious Monk leaves between the notes in his piano pieces.. 

When you put the drawing next to the photo,  the drawing captures the essence while the photo is like a busy colorful data dump.  That's Frank in the photo creating the drawing shown above. It was a beautiful day in Tokeland rare for the month of March. We were lucky.  I am lucky to be able to call Frank a friend.