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Literature was born not the day when a boy crying wolf, wolf came running out of the Neanderthal valley with a big gray wolf at his heels: literature was born on the day when a boy came crying wolf, wolf and there was no wolf behind him. That the poor little fellow because he lied too often was finally eaten up by a real beast is quite incidental. But here is what is important. Between the wolf in the tall grass and the wolf in the tall story there is a shimmering go-between. That go-between, that prism, is the art of literature.

—Vladimir Nabokov

Posthuman? This is a great explainer.

coterminous. Use the word coterminous to describe things that are equal in scope. ... The adjective coterminous derives from the Latin word conterminus, meaning "bordering upon, having a common boundary." When something is coterminous, it has the same boundaries, or is of equal extent or length of time as something else.

plural noun: bricoleurs
a person who engages in bricolage

Minima Moralia by Theodor Adorno

Reflections from the damaged life -1944


(ˌpærəˈtæktɪk )

1. of, relating to, or involving parataxis: also ˌparaˈtactical
2. designating or using a style in which sentences or elements within sentences are set down successively with little or no indication of their relationship

Worlds of Homelessness - Goethe-Institut USA

“Homelessness is only a paycheck away” recited Crushow Herring at the opening day of Worlds of Homelessness, at the LA Poverty Department (LAPD) in Downtown L.A. This is a popular quote, and Crushow a popular man on Skid Row, a “high tolerance” zone occupied by tents of around 15,000 people living on the streets. The Skid Row History Museum and Archive, run by John Malpede and Henriette Brouwers, is the place where culture can be discussed, where art turns into a source and tool for change, for the ones without shelter. Without Shelter is also the name of an initiative started by Crushow and Orion to engage with the people on Skid Row who have not been employed for decades, giving them new ways of finding direct financial resources. Arts of the Working Class is compatible with the initiative. We talked with Crushow and Orion about the ways to collaborate from the very first moment we encountered them at their table on the street just outside of LAPD, where they were selling some of their products.

the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.
"trying to argue that I had benefited in any way from the disaster was pure sophistry

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(of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor

economic impoverishment.
"rapid modernization had an impact on the level of urban immiseration"