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The most important thing is stop look around, take in your surroundings, what's right in front of you maybe priceless. Unmediated reality is where it's at.

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Tom Sparks

Portugal as a Path to Follow

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From: The Origins of European Neo-liberalism by Nicholas Mulder

The real source of neoliberalism in Europe is neither technocracy nor hegemony but a problem specific to the continent: intergovernmentalism........

While the name Lisbon connotes the triumph of the neoliberal model in Europe, it may also foreshadow a possible way out of that model’s clutches. Since November 2015, Portugal has been the only Eurozone and EU member state which has been able to combine left-wing economic and social policies with material recovery while remaining committed to European institutions. The Portuguese progressive experiment under Lisbon’s former mayor, the Socialist prime minister António Costa, illustrates one possible path for the European left: capturing power in national elections and rolling back budget cuts and privatizations, thereby boosting growth and reducing debt.

Tom Sparks

Reading List for the Traveler

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The traveler would be me.

  1. The Book of Disquite  - Pessoa
  2. The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis by José Saramago
  3. The Walk by Robert Walser
  4. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff

One: I have started reading this book numerous times. Sometimes I open it at random and start the content is in small components like a assemblage of notes.  

Two: Ricardo Reis was one of the 70+ heteronyms used by Fernando Pessoa, Saramago places both Reis and Pessoa in his novel as main characters. This choice is research into two of Lisbon's greatest authors and into life in Portugal in the 1930's.

Three: The Walk extols the virtues of walking without  clear purpose, in the manner of a Flaneur. I m interested in this practice and this ook is considered research.

Four: Zuboff's new book is a dense treatise on modern "Stack" capitalism and the surveillance systems currently built into the commercial internet. Zuboff has her detractors but the threat she discuses is very real.


Tom Sparks

Tom Sparks

Tom Sparks

Jardem da Estrela Lisbon

This garden was opened in 1873 and has a wonderful collection of exotic succulents and other plants.

Location   photo - 120mm holga analog by tom sparks


Tom Sparks

Seixal, PT

An example of beatiful decay.