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I live on an island in the Salish Sea close to the Canadian border. I love human beings but am horrified by the way we are treating our environment. Society is in crisis I hope we can give up on greed and avaricious and create a more sustainable and equitable culture..

How to Propagate an Orchid Cactus

The common name orchid cactus refers to a group of succulent plants within the genus Epiphyllum, which are prized for their large, waxy flowers and flat, segmented stems. As tropical plants, orchid cacti cannot tolerate cold temperatures and must be grown indoors below U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 10. They propagate quickly and reliably from stem cuttings. Although orchid cacti will root well year-round, they perform best when started between mid-winter and early spring when the plant is partially dormant.

The Woodland Edge Garden

"It is a well established fact that the most productive areas of a woodland are along its edges where higher light levels allow a greater diversity of plant growth."

A nice list of plants that thrive on the edge of the forest.