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Roof Tops of Lisbon

Look closely, expand to full size. This photo could easliy be a composite or a collage, the roof tops appear sho chaotic and seem to merge and overlap. This a true phot however and it highlights one of lisbon's attributes organic street pattern and the chance for something completely different around any corner.

Look to the top right , see how far up the hill the Estrella Basilica is.


Jardem da Estrela Lisbon

This garden was opened in 1873 and has a wonderful collection of exotic succulents and other plants.

Location   photo - 120mm holga analog by tom sparks


Seixal, PT

An example of beatiful decay.



Flora Surveys the Duamish

Looking across the river at our dream house on the banks of the muddy Duwamish River.


Mount Tambor Portland Oregon

Explored some of the parks and trails in Portland Oregon. There are many natural place in this city. It has a close connection with nature.

Schmitz Preserve Park

53 Acres of old growth forest in the middle of the city. Donated by the Schmitz Family in 1908.  

Jack Block Park

Jack Block Park is a 15-acre park in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle.

It has a beach surrounded by vacant Port Of Seattle property, barges and old rail access to the water. You will never find a crowd here even in a beautiful day. In the 1990's this was a Superfund site, they recommend you not eat shell fish of bottom fish caught here.



Deep Dream

No offense meant, this
Is an experiment.


It's like in the morning when you try to recall a dream from the night before, but all that's left are scraps that dissolve before you can put them together.

Listening to Wrecking Ball (1995)

Emmylou Harris teamed up with an array of talent musicians in 1995 and recorded one of my favorite albums. It is so full of emotion and beauty that it brings me to tears. Daniel Lanois produced the record and his imprint in inescapable. Emmylou and Daniel were made for each other.

Some of the artists involved:

  • Daniel Lanois
  • Brian Blade
  • Steve Earle
  • Neil Young
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Anna McGarrigle
  • Kate McGarrigle
  • Malcolm Burn
  • Larry Mullen, Jr
  • Daryl Johnson