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The most important thing is stop look around, take in your surroundings, what's right in front of you maybe priceless. Unmediated reality is where it's at.

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Jardem da Estrela Lisbon

This garden was opened in 1873 and has a wonderful collection of exotic succulents and other plants.

Location   photo - 120mm holga analog by tom sparks


Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden

The Aloe Garden at the LA Arboretum is magnificent. There are over 500 variety of Aloe, I do not know how many the arboretum has but it is a significant collection. Many people see the Rosetta shape of the aloe and think of their Tequila and the Blue Agave. According to the folks at the arboretum the Aloe is strictly an old world plant from South Africa, Madagascar, the Saudi peninsula, and the Mediterranean region. Agave's are New World plants from the Americas

Map to Aloes at the Arboretum