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Ports of Call

a work in progress 6/19/17





Here are a few places of interest  up river from Alfalma, the Marvila neighborhood with Dois Corvos Brewery, and Café com Calma then up the hill to Tom's dream  house. The Tile Musuem   All these are up river past Alfalma. The tile museum has a very good cafe for a late lunch. Dois Corvos (two crows) is a small brewery in the style of Seattle's micro brews. Cafe com Calma servers quality coffee and fare for lunch.  Tom's dream house is a beautiful hole waiting for some fool to throw money in.

Close to Cais do Sodré and the Time Out Market is the inovative co-work facility Second Home. Deezen magazine did a photo spread and story about them.  Second Home is part of a chain of co-worker places in the US, England and Portugal.  Link.



Morocco is a mythic locale for my generation. The beats and before  them the intellectual misfits of United States went to Morocco to be free of the constrictive ethos that existed in early 20th century America.  Since the "western" was already so "other" in North Africa, these artists, writers and misfits were free to be themselves with out the constraint imposed by American and European society. The Interzone created an authority vacume, people like William Burroughs and Paul Bowles took atvantage of lax environment, living free of western restictions.



Bueeoughs, Bowels, Ginsberg and friends

Simple Map of Morocco