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I write for myself, this is a place for me to remember sites and content that strikes me as worthy of saving.

Oasis in the desert

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Next to the oldest highway in Los Angeles, the Arroyo Seco Parkway other wise know as the 110, is an island of calm, shade and history. The Lummis House, also known as El Alisal,   was built by Charles Lummis between 1897 and 1910. The  Arroy Seco Parkway was built in 1940, it is my favorite freeway in Los Angeles.

Today the house is a museum dedicated to Charles Lummis. The three acre property is a showcase of The drought-tolerant and native plants. The grounds are open two days a week this makes the area quite and some what secluded. Caravans, RVs and traveling folk park on adjacent Carlota Boulevard like wagon trains from a past era.  

Checked into Thirsty Crow

Great Atmosphere

Arid Landscape Gardening

Arid Landscape Gardening

The Guardian has an article on the severe drought that grips California. As the need to change water restrictions becomes more and more necssesary the habits of urban Gardner's will have to change too. Many gardeners already practice arid gardening and they have produce some beautiful gardens.